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On Craft, and this writer’s dilemma

[2018 update: This book still isn't out, and it's unlikely to be out anytime soon. I'm okay with that. But the post about Craft is still relevant, and speaks honestly about I felt in June 2017. Leaving it up in case it helps another artist who is drowning in rules and self-imposed limitations/expectations.] As many… Continue reading On Craft, and this writer’s dilemma

On Writing


I've been silent for a while. Not for lack of things to share but for lack of confidence in my voice. I'm a quiet soul. I like silence, I like being in the background, I like obscurity. I read all these wonderful blogger writers who are or seem to be the opposite of me. I… Continue reading Quiet

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Multi-faceted Personality Disorder (?)

While trying to sleep very early this morning I realized how very like Winnie the Pooh I am. And Piglet, but also Eeyore, Tigger, Roo and Kanga, and even, much to my chagrin, Rabbit. Brilliant--A.A. Milne created a world where I (and I bet each one of us) identifies with all the characters at some… Continue reading Multi-faceted Personality Disorder (?)

On Life

Things I do, or don’t.

I read on Facebook that a friend I haven't talked to in a long time is hurting. Going through a really rough time. Well today it's this one friend, but it's not only one friend, it's many friends. Many friends, because this happens all the time. But today, this one friend is hurting. And I… Continue reading Things I do, or don’t.

Everyday Madness


When we think surrender, we often think 'giving up', or perhaps of a cartoon character waving a white flag, or maybe we think of surrendering as losing. But I propose something radically different. Not original--I'm only re-articulating for myself ideas I've gathered over the years from others--but still different. What if, instead of thinking of surrender… Continue reading Surrender

On Writing


Over a week ago, while I was perusing my WordPress Reader, I saw a challenge to post something 'analog' --a picture of a handwritten page, for instance. I didn't get around to that right away. Yesterday was National Handwriting Day--didn't get around to that, either. Because I enjoy being fashionably late to things I decided… Continue reading Analog