trial and tribulation: or, writing a bio

It’s fall, or almost so, and back-to-school gets me geared up for back to singing. Revamping audition materials, brushing up those arias, and this time, putting up a new website.

My brain is stuck, though.

Trying to rewrite my bio is something akin to getting a tooth pulled without benefit of painkillers. Once it’s over, no biggie, but the anxious anticipation and the actual doing of the deed are tortuous! Why do I find it so hard to write about me? I enjoy talking about me – who doesn’t?! I have a list of accomplishments – in the past 12 months I have performed 2 solo recitals, been soloist for a Messiah and a Stabat mater, and sung in chorus for an opera. I have a couple upcoming gigs, although one is short, and the other not contracted yet. This is not to mention the church music gigs I do on an occasional Sunday.

But I don’t have those oh-so-coveted Reviews. Not one. Because all the work I do – and for someone who isn’t on the radar, I work a lot – doesn’t make it into the papers. Can I call myself a limpid-voiced, even-toned soprano whose registers are golden from top to bottom if someone who “knows” didn’t say it in print first? I don’t think so. Even if it’s true, according to that lady at church. Who seemed to know what she was talking about.

I just keep reminding myself to keep swimming. Just keep swimming. Eventually the bio will get done, and eventually I will have some review or other to share. And eventually, I’ll have someone else to do all my writing for me! What a heady thought! 😉


2 thoughts on “trial and tribulation: or, writing a bio

    • I am so glad you enjoyed it! I hope you have overcome your writer’s block and made progress on yours – I had to rewrite mine – again! – a couple months ago, and it really is such a pain! 🙂

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