Positive and uplifting sentiment of the day

“Commit to having a vast amount of discipline (set yourself apart by working on your craft longer and harder than the next guy), perseverance (walk into every audition room prepped and ready), and fortitude (if you didn’t book this time, there’s always another audition). Choose excellence. Vow to practice it consistently, and excellence becomes habit.

In your journey, there may be one character you play or one line you utter that will touch someone’s life in a profound way. People whose names you will never know. What a gift that is. What a gift you are.”

—reprinted from a blog by Warner Loughlin.  Full article is linked below.


Thank you to K.L. for bringing this blog to my attention. This is something that every artist needs to be reminded of frequently.  We as artists – heck, we as people – never know who may be  especially touched by something we say or do, whether in character or in real life.  So, in the words of Bill and Ted, Be excellent to each other.  Be an excellent artist, be an excellent person, and you will be a blessing to those you didn’t even know were listening.


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