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Inspired by another blogger, and somewhat by necessity, I have been working on my bio this week.  I have a 2-line bio, a short business bio, a short bio with work and personal info, and a longer work/personal bio.  But my favorite one, and the most fun, was an idea lifted from a comment on a bio-writing article, and derived from a Facebook fad from a few years ago, 25 Things.  It’s still under construction, and I only have 11 things, but I wanted to put it up anyway.   🙂

25 THINGS: BIO IN LIST FORMAT (Thanks, Facebook)

  1. I live in Ohio, not because I have to, but also because I love it here.  Ohio really is “The Heart of It All.”
  2. My husband and I have two amazing kids.  They keep getting older, though, while we have become ageless. It’s some sort of miracle time warp thing.
  3. I love singing.  My favorite things change daily, but often include sacred music, baroque ditties, and Una Voce Poco Fa.  Which I have never studied or sung, but somehow I seem to know all the pertinent fun parts.
  4. I hear words come out of my mouth that belong to my mother.  Or my mother-in-law.  When kids are talking of someone I don’t immediately remember, I say to my kids, “Do I know (fill in blank with name)?  Are they in the band?”  Because everyone knows that all the best kids are in band.  Or run XC.  And the very best are in both.  Which is funny, because I was in neither…
  5. When I was in high school, I said I wanted to be an opera singer.  I had no idea at the time how one went about becoming an opera singer, and I think I just said that to be different.  Yet, amazingly enough, here I am.  And I sing so much more than opera.
  6. I am a student of mixed martial arts.  I think it’s fun, and I love it, and am two-thirds of the way to earning a black belt.  Although if anyone attacks me in a dark alley, I’m afraid I’ll forget everything, and hope to rely on my mad screaming skills.
  7. I LOVE perfumes.  I am forever in pursuit of the perfect fragrance for me and am easily distracted by lovely scents on others.   Same goes for soaps, candles, and other smelly things.
  8. The biggest musical thrill of my life is still my debut with orchestra (Springfield Symphony).  I literally could not stop smiling the entire time I was on stage.  Nelson Mass will always have a super-special place in my heart, since that’s what we sang.
  9. I am a coffee snob.
  10. I dabble in desk-top publishing.  I have done the brochures and programs for a local choral ensemble for several years.
  11. One of the craziest things I have ever done is fill in for a sick soprano on about 6 hours notice.  I got a call to do Mother in Amahl and the Night Visitors around 1:00 on a Saturday afternoon, and at 7:30 that night I was beginning a performance.  I hadn’t seen the music for a year, and no, it wasn’t perfect, but I had gracious colleagues who helped me enormously, and it was good.  I am so glad she was well enough to perform the next night!  Two years later, I was their choice for the year’s production.  With ample rehearsal time.
  12. I love office supplies.  I could spend hours in Office Max or Office Depot looking at writing utensils, paper, planners, organizers…and pens/pencils again.  Ooh – and sticky notes and tabs.  I miss the one-inch tabs that 3M used to make – I can’t find them anymore, but they were really handy for scores and concert folders.
  13. I am an introvert.   I love being the center of attention when I perform, but off-stage I don’t like to draw undue attention to myself, and am uncomfortable when it happens.
  14. Star Trek, anyone?
  15. I have a blog, a twitter account, a website, and a facebook account.  With all the technology available to me to let the world know what I’m thinking, I find that I have very little to say.   More to the point, I have a great deal to say, but don’t think the world needs to know it.  (and yet, I still have all those accounts, and occasionally even use them…..)
  16. I mostly only read romance novels.
  17. I have a great sense of direction.  Usually.  I find that big cities mess up my inner compass.  I think it’s the tall buildings all around.
  18. I have several friends who tell me I’m their shopping “good luck charm” because they always find good stuff when we’re together.  Which I love, because it means we go shopping!
  19. Formal gowns are my favorite job accessory.  I am occasionally slightly jealous of the instrumentalists I know who get to buy fun things to go with their instrument (or shiny new instruments), but then I remember that I get to wear pretty dresses more often.  Looking Fabulous is a perk!
  20. If I had to live anywhere else, I would want to live in the UK.  Anywhere would be fine, so long as it was a smallish village or town.  Big cities are only for visiting. (see #17)
  21. I was surprised to learn that I enjoy teaching – and that I know so much more than I generally give myself credit for.  It’s true that the teacher often learns as much as the student.
  22. I am a grammar geek.
  23. I don’t love cooking, but I love to feed people.  It makes me happy to make others happy, and people generally like to eat. Therefore, I cook.  Incidentally, my pot roast rocks, as does my chili.
  24. I like to think I am basically even-keeled (which may or may not be based in reality), however, I am extremely jumpy during TV shows and movies when there might be a ‘scary part’… it’s kind of a running joke in my family.
  25. This list has been very difficult! I should have had someone else do it for me.  Delegating things is not my strong suit.  Also, I am going to go through and highlight key-words to make it easy to scan.  You are welcome. 🙂

Edited 1/2/13 – finally – to add #12-25.


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