The ones that got away

I’m talking dresses here, but it’s still a love story. If you read my previous entry, you’ll know that I love gowns. Actually, love might be too mild a word. I would own a thousand of them if I could. Even though I wear jeans most of the time, that’s only because it’s cold right now. As soon as it’s warm enough, I pull out the sundresses, and live in them again. and if we were a long-dresses kind of society, I would be happy in dresses year round – you can put all kinds of warmth under a long dress that doesn’t work with our modern knee length skirts. But I digress…

Two dresses that I wanted to buy but didn’t still haunt me. I loved them. They were beautiful, and beautifully made, and I was stunning in them. Not ” Wow, look at that gorgeous dress” stunning; I mean “Wow, you are beautiful in that dress” stunning.

The first was a Laura Ashley gown I tried on back in my college days. Out shopping with my friend Beth, we saw a mannequin with the most amazing blue gown – I’m not really sure anymore if it was in the window, or in the shop, but it called out to me, I had to try it on! The velvet corset-style bodice, the full skirt of satin… and the blue. No run-of-the-mill sapphire or royal, not baby or robin’s egg, it was…perfect! Not quite slate, but slate-y, definitely blue but soft and warm. It brought out the best in my eyes and complimented my skin. I felt sophisticated and grand in that dress. I’m still looking for a dress of that color. No, truthfully, I am still looking for that dress.

The other, now that I think on it, wasn’t really so different, even though at first glance they are nothing alike. The second dress I tried while out shopping for something entirely different. (Not unlike shopping for a bridesmaid dress, I was with a group of lovely ladies looking for a new uniform for our choral ensemble – A dress that would look lovely on lots of body types). But I saw this dress…and had to try it! It was perfect for me – just me. Again, it was satin, with a corset-y bodice and full ballgown skirt. But instead of strapless, it was square-necked, zipping all the way up to the top of my back. The skirt was wonderfully full and and with the fitted bodice made my waist look impossibly small. And the color… gold? Old gold, or new gold, or daffodil. I should remember the color – I did say I love this dress, so shouldn’t I remember? but it was the fit and style I remember most. And the way I felt beautiful and bright and sunny.

Alas, it is hard to justify buying beautiful ballgowns when there is nowhere to wear them, as was the case back then. Even now, though I wear formals more often than many girls, I usually opt for simpler straight/A-line skirts, formal but not too showy, of fabrics that travel well. And of colors that are (mostly) versatile, like navy (my personal favorite), black or chocolate (another favorite, since in the summer it shows off my tan!). I have one green dress, an orchid one, and a red one. And I recently bought a super-clearance formal in a print (yes – a quirky abstract pink/coral/gold print!). I have no idea where I’ll wear such a thing, but it begged me to take it home, and for $20, how could I say no?

I do love my dresses. Really. They are lovely and they work for me. Practical yet pretty, comfortable to sing in, perfect for what I need them for… But none has captured my heart like the 2 that got away, with their perfect fits, perfect poufs, and imperfect timing.


6 thoughts on “The ones that got away”

  1. I love gowns too! We should get all dressed up and just go out to dinner or something. 🙂 By the way…I enjoy your blog. Did you ever think of writing a book? You should look into it.

  2. Love your enthusiasm for gowns!! They are always so fun to shop for, and you’re fortunate enough to actually have some occasions to wear them! If you had encountered those dresses nowadays…at least you’d have cell phone pictures : )

  3. Sarah YES! we should totally do that! And no, I have never thought about writing a book – too complicated! but I like doing this, and would do it more, but it turns out I’m a bit of a lazy writer. heehee!
    Adrienne, If there had been cell phones then I would have totally instagrammed the pictures. 🙂

  4. Reblogged this on April B and commented:

    Because it’s Saturday night, and I’ve been gone all day, and now I just wanna hang out by the fire and relax with a cider and my hubby, I’m re-blogging this from a couple years ago.
    Dresses – My Favorite! 🙂

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