Smelly Things

I know I mentioned before that I love what I call ‘smelly things’ – not that they are smelly bad, but that they have a smell.  they’re aromatic, odoriferous, smelly. 🙂  I don’t like that ‘smelly’ has a bad connotation, so I purposely use it in a positive way.  Also, I find that things that are ‘bad’ will sometimes have a good memory attached, so I don’t think of them as bad.

Like a freshly lit cigarette.  Cigs are very bad for us, and we are not supposed to like them, but a freshly lit one reminds me of my first summer playing softball, and of my Aunt Nancy.  So there are wonderful memories that swirl when I smell that aroma – especially on a summer day.

And Skunk.  Now, I don’t love skunksmell – not at all – but it reminds me of my husband’s super power, which is that he doesn’t smell skunk, and it makes me smile – who wouldn’t love not to smell that?!  If you live in the country, you know what I mean.

And of course, there are a million good smells – like cologne and soaps and lotions and candles.  The aroma of good food in the kitchen (like the chicken and noodles I’m currently cooking up).  The scent of hot concrete after a summer storm.  The smell of snow, fresh and clean.  Watermelon and fresh cut grass smell similar to me – maybe because they’re intertwined in my summer memories.  Crunchy fall leaves underfoot.  Lilacs in the spring.

Here is a photo of a few of my (current) favorite smelly things.  A Paddywax candle, Ambered Spice and Vanilla.  So yummy that I bought all I could find last year and this year.  A Ther-e-pe candle, Lemongrass.  So Wonderful!!!  In the back, a box with one last round of soap in Buttercup.  I love it so much, and can’t find it anywhere, and I don’t want it to be gone.  If I could find perfume in this springy fresh clean scent, I would wear it everyday in the Spring and Summer.  Tokyomilk’s Eden.  Another fresh scent, but with something warm in it.  A Mandarin Orange soap.  Orange is always wonderful, too.  And Lavender essential oil.  I’ll have to have another post just about essential oils because I love them so much.  There are so many more, but these’ll do for now.



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