When it rains, it pours

I have to be amused that I went from having a probable but not confirmed gig in April to having  that one finally confirmed (meanwhile not pursuing anything else…just in case) to having 2 more gigs offered and confirmed for April.  Both were offered in the space of 12 hours, and I said yes.  I must have been feeling powerful – where’s my cape!?  Nothing all winter (the Christmas ones don’t count, because it was technically not winter yet at the time), and now this.  The up side is that I had 2 months to prepare the role for the first gig, so I can…not put it aside, but be much more relaxed about it…while I quickly learn music for the other two.  And they are low-ish stress gigs – the music isn’t difficult and I have the space to learn, digest, revisit, polish each piece.

This is Being a Singer.  I finally get it!  I am not panicked.  I know I can do this, because this is what I train for.  My voice is well-prepared, and I know what I need to do to learn my part – parts. I finally have the confidence to know that I am a musician up to the task I have accepted, rather than accepting and hoping that I can pull it off.  April-the-Diva is making her presence known more and more, and I am loving it!


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