Blog-a-Day Day Three (what makes me happy?)

Making others happy is the Pageant Answer, although it’s true in many ways.  I enjoy ‘being a blessing’ to others, and to feel useful – making a meal for my family and the kids’ friends, listening when a friend needs to talk, or opening a door for strangers. Looking at whomever is serving me, and noticing them – it’s amazing what a genuine smile can do for someone’s day, and I enjoy getting genuine smiles in return. (I am not always like this – I get peeved or distracted or self-absorbed just like everyone does sometimes, but I do try.)

Another “what makes me happy” is singing.  I can’t imagine life without it.  Not just music, although I can’t imagine life without that either, but to use my voice in song.  It is an integral part of who I am.  I may go a day without singing in practice, but I never ever go a day without singing in my head.  Never.

Also, reading.  I do enjoy a good book, and for the hours that I’m in that story, those people and that world is as real to me as the one I live in.  The best books are the ones for which I go into a slight depression once they’re over.  And I think about the people – characters – long after I have put it down for the last time.  However, I almost never re-read books.  There are entirely too many to read for the first time to re-read even the best books!

Going to church.  I love church and church music.  Love singing the hymns, and hearing the sermons, and all that goes with it.

My family – they are a funny group of people!  We enjoy each other’s company, and enjoy the same sorts of activities.  Not entirely, but certainly enough that we don’t get so bored.  They make me laugh, every single day, and who wants to live a life without laughter?  Laughing really is the best medicine!


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