Blog-a-Day Day Four (favorite childhood memory)

Childhood memory? Gosh I had to think about this one.  Unfortunately, my mind is a bit of a sieve, and I don’t remember as much as I would like to.  I had a quite lovely childhood, and I have a lot of good impressions – things I remember almost like a snapshot in my mind, I can see that moment, smell the air, remember the feeling, but I don’t see it like a home video going through the whole day or event.

One of the few memories (or is it memory sets?) I have that is more like a movie – probably because I used to do it so much – is when, as a kid, I would play with my friends.  We lived at RAF Wethersfield in England for 4 years.  Base housing was attached housing, or row houses, and were ‘lucky enough’ (although I think my mom might dispute this) to live on an end.  So we would use the side of our house to play Wall Ball for ages.  Wall ball (basically handball with as many as wanted to play, and woe betide the kid who missed catching the ball! this game was not for the timid), and various forms of tag (freeze tag? cartoon tag?), and just running around.  We had an amazing playground (amazing to a 5th grader) where we would also spend a lot of time – it had a zip-line! how cool is that?! – but I mostly remember playing wall ball.

It was a very small air base where it seemed that everyone knew everyone else, and it was a time when our parents didn’t worry about us being out of earshot or eyesight.  We just had to be home for dinner.  Good times, and we didn’t know how good we had it.  I know it wasn’t perfect, and I am sure I had fights with friends, but I am glad I remember good stuff, and laughing, and running, and not worrying.  And maybe marching around the base with Mr. Jones, the 6th grade teacher.  But I think that’s a story for another day. 🙂


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