Blog-a-Day Day Seven (dream job)

7. What is Your Dream Job?

Well, I’ve mentioned before (and it should be obvious from my blog title) that I love to sing.  It’s what I do.  So my dream job obviously involves making music!

If I can be general, I would say to consistently make a living using my voice.  I enjoy singing in churches, but there’s not much of a market around here for it, except on special occasions (if I lived in a big city, you can bet this would top my list of jobs I would hold).

To be more specific, I would say singing for symphonies as a soloist.  I do love opera – it’s fun to get dressed up in wigs and costumes to tell a story.  But my dream job would be singing the Masses and choral/symphonic works of the great composers.  This is where my true musical passion lies.  I would be able to sing music I find immensely satisfying, and travel a bit, and there is great variety to be had – I would never be musically bored because I could sing Bach one week and Brahms the next.  The rehearsal schedule is usually condensed, so there would not be too much time away from my family at once (they don’t really need me for day to day operations, but they are older, and will be out of the nest soon, so I need to enjoy the time I have with them while it lasts!), and I could maintain my studio without too much disruption in lessons.  That’s my dream job.


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