Blog-a-Day Day Eight (pet peeves)

Biggest pet peeve….I have two.

I absolutely cannot stand inconsiderate driving.  I mean, come on, you are not the only one on the road, and you need to be aware of your surroundings.  Merging, in particular, shouldn’t be so difficult, and bottlenecks caused by those people who ignore the construction signs that a lane will be closed in 2 miles, only to try to cut over right at the orange cones drive me nuts.  Nuts, I tell you!

And the second is for the girls (boys, you can stop reading here, because I don’t want to gross you out).  Women who “hover” in public restrooms then fail to clean up after themselves – and you all know what I mean – have brought me near to tears more than once.  I am usually very careful to check the seat, but on the occasions when I have…been in a hurry… well, there are few things more tear-inducing, and offending, than realizing too late that the seat is wet.  And one finds oneself praying to God that the toilet sprays when flushing.  Seriously, it’s bad enough when you realize that your five-year-old son didn’t quite hit the bulls-eye, but when it’s a total stranger, and presumably an adult (or at least someone who can do her business all by herself), it is completely repellent.  Where are our MANNERS, Ladies?!


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