Blog-a-Day Day Eleven (reading)

The last book I read…Uh-oh!  It’s been too long and I don’t remember!  Obviously it is time for me to pick a new book up.

Ok, looking at my Kindle list, it appears that the last book I read was either

  • Lady Ann’s Excellent Adventure by Candice Hern

Lady Ann's Excellent Adventure


  • The Ugly Duchess by Eloisa James.

The Ugly Duchess

Both were purchased in December, and I think I read them in January.  It should come as no surprise that they are both romances, or that they are Regencies, which are my favorite sub-genre.  They are also two of my very favorite authors.  I am pretty sure I’ve read every book published by James, and I have read most of Hern’s books – all of her traditional regencies (and I think she is the best modern author for the TRs) and most of her historicals. for more information on the author and her books, as well as a good deal of information on the Regency Era.  – If I had to pick one book or series of hers that I liked best (and might re-read in spite of my policy) it would be the Essex Sisters Quartet.




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