Blog-a-Day Day Nine (bucket list)

Bucket list – I don’t have an official bucket list, but I do know I want to travel with my husband and family, and I want to sing whenever and wherever I can, and that’s pretty much it.


You know what, I wrote that a couple weeks ago.  And while it’s mostly true, and I don’t keep lists, there is more.

After attending a funeral yesterday, this morning I woke up with a new bucket list, even though all of these things are somewhat out of my control:

  1. I want to attend all the weddings of my grandchildren.
  2. I want to hold at least one great-grandchild in my old arms.
  3. I want to celebrate my 70th wedding anniversary.

I know it might be a lot to ask, but that’s what I really want to do before it’s time to go.


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