Blog-a-Day Day Twelve


12. What is something you miss?

I really don’t know how to answer this.  The question is literally some thing I miss, although I know it could be interpreted as some one I miss, or people I miss.  I would rather go literal on this one.  The trouble is, I am not sure what I miss.  I adapt, and I learn not to miss things, just as (most) everyone does, because if we didn’t do that, we would be a very sorry, mopey lot.

I suppose I miss a couple of cars that we’ve had over the years.  My first Subaru was a lovely little car, and while I have learned to appreciate – and love a little – my current Subaru, it’s not the same.  But some of that could be the rose-colored glasses of memory.  The one I have certainly does the job nicely.  And when it is finally time to replace her (not for years, I hope!), I will probably look back fondly on the car and wish she was still mine, too.  Occasionally I miss the Tahoe we leased in the late 90’s.  The storage space was really handy for hauling large things, and we never had to worry about packing for trips – we just threw stuff in the back and off we went.  I do NOT miss filling the tank.  And once in a while, I will see an old Toyota Corolla Tercel, and I remember my first car.  I don’t miss her, precisely.  I mean, I wouldn’t want to be driving that car every day!! But I would love to show my kids what my first car was, so that they (more specifically my son) will be more fully appreciative of their (his) first car.  This is like my first car, only mine was blue.  The orange detailing was the same, though.  Rockin’…

File:Toyota Corolla Tercel hatchback SR5 rear.jpg


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