Blog-a-Day Day Fourteen (playlist)


14. What’s on your ipod?

I don’t exactly have an ipod anymore, or at least one that I use.  And since I got a new computer last year, I haven’t gotten around to putting itunes on it, so I don’t even have all my music in one place.  Although I think it is on a back-up drive somewhere.  I do have a phone with some music on it that I put on before the advent of the new computer.  Unfortunately it has little enough on it.  But I have an app for Pandora, one for Spotify, one for youtube, and another called I ❤ radio.  I can pretty much survive, musically speaking, without the ipod.  And I can use it to make sound recordings, which is the main reason I had bought the ipod in the first place years ago.

Anyway, getting back to the question at hand, “What is on my ipod?”  A little bit of everything.  Naturally I have classical vocal tracks, opera, art songs and song cycles, and oratorio.  Symphonic works, but not so many of them.  I also have a bit of Musical Theater on there.  The largest chunk though is various kinds of rock and pop.  Beach Boys and Beatles; Aerosmith, Journey, Rush and Bon Jovi; Red and Breaking Benjamin; A-ha and Rick Springfield.  I have Hannah Montana from when my daughter was little, and Disney favorites, too.  And I have my ‘voice memos’ which are recordings of rehearsals, lessons, coachings, and performances for that period of time when I used my ipod recorder for everything.  Even though I never listen to them, I was rather devastated when I accidentally deleted a year’s worth of them a few years ago.  They are a record of where I’ve been and how far I have come on my vocal journey.  And they might be useful to me at some point in the future.  Kind of like that ball of string you keep in the back of the junk drawer – you don’t really need it, but it’s nice to know it’s there, just in case.


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