Blog-a-Day Day Fifteen (my awesomeness)

Day 15:

10 things that make me awesome – ANOTHER LIST!

  1. I have a terrific sense of humor – ask anyone.  If they disagree, they have no sense of humor.
  2. I am (apparently) great at making lists about myself – and am totally not self-centered when I do so.  I don’t want to do it, it’s my assignment.  I have to. 🙂
  3. I am a soprano.  Enough said.
  4. I’m a good driver.  And I like driving.  Road trip, anyone?
  5. I’m a good cook. Srsly – and I’m even learning to love it.
  6. I’m reasonably intelligent, and a decent conversationalist.  Uh… so, uh…………whatcha doin’?
  7. I’m a great cheerleader, and am genuinely excited for people when they achieve their goals.
  8. I’m a Keeper of Secrets.  Like a lockbox.
  9. I’m a ninja – I could totally kick your butt, but I don’t because…
  10. I’m about the nicest person you’ll meet.  🙂
  11. Bonus — I realized when re-reading this, that I totally use the word totally, like, entirely too much (twice in a list this short is too much).  The Eighties totally rocked, and I am [obviously too young to be] a product of the Eighties.  Awesome!



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