Blog-a-Day Day Sixteen (accomplishments)

16.  Biggest accomplishment

Well, gee, that would probably have to be raising 2 terrific kids – although I obviously didn’t do it all on my own.  I have a super-duper husband and partner, and we are incredibly lucky enough to have all 4 grandparents still living and only 10 minutes away.  Hopefully I’m not tooting my/our own horn prematurely – technically we’re not done yet, since they’re still in school.  And every empty-nest mother tells me anyway that “a mother’s work is never done.”  Or is it, “A mother’s kids are always her babies?”

And they are pretty good.  They drive me crazy (which, before anyone else says so, is a pretty short trip), and they make me want to cry and/or rip my hair out sometimes – okay, often – but mostly they make me laugh or think or – – and this is the best – – stand amazed at their thoughtfulness and sweetness.

So yeah.  No matter what else I do, I would have to say that parenting is the biggest accomplishment – or maybe I should say ‘accomplishing‘ since it isn’t finished yet.

And to my husband, High Five!!   That’s for his super parenting skills. 🙂



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