Blog-a-Day Day Seventeen (blogging)


17. Why and When did you start blogging?

I don’t remember why, but it was in May last year.  I am pretty sure that my cousin Trevor had something to do with it, though.  I wonder if I did it because I thought I would enjoy it, or because I thought I would have more to write about – a few people I know are really good at making their lives sound exciting – I am not, even though I know I have a good life.  I prefer quiet. Which is the opposite of good story material – just watch any reality show for proof!

I don’t know – I do know that I enjoy writing, and doing the blog challenge makes it easier.  I don’t necessarily like all the questions, but I do like that it gets me to put fingers to keyboard, and formulate thought.   They are easy enough that I have answers, even if they are ‘boring’ which is something I can’t say for the WordPress Daily Prompt (those can be really hard!).  Which I have tried exactly once…but may try again, since this is getting easier.


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