Blog-a-Day Day Eighteen (happiness)


18.  Where are you Happiest?

Well, there are several answers to this question, all of which are true when I am there.

I am happiest when I am at home.  Alone or with my family, I just enjoy being here.  I love to be here alone and revel in the quiet.  I will sing, but other than that I don’t really talk, I don’t keep the t.v. or radio on all day, and honestly, if I don’t have at least one day a week like this, I miss it!  I love to be here with my family.  We sometimes are in 4 separate rooms doing our own things, but I am happy knowing they are here.  Sometimes (as often as we can) we will eat dinner and watch a movie or a DVR’d program together, and I enjoy the cameraderie of doing something together.  Sometimes (and not often enough) we will play a game at the table and laugh and joke, and again, I enjoy the togetherness of us.

I am happiest when I am onstage.  I love to Sing.  I love performing with others, and I love performing for others.  I am generally a nutcase before a performance, but during it, I am so glad to be there, and I am at home.

I am happiest in church.  And most especially when Singing.  I love worship with lots of music, whether I am singing or not.  But, and I suppose this goes hand in hand with my previous place, when I am ‘working’ (whether as a cantor or member of the choir or providing special music) I am at home.  I am doing what I love, in specific service to the One who has given me a Voice.


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