today I remembered that I am good at what I do.

I had a first rehearsal yesterday for an upcoming gig.  got to meet my tenor, and run through our duet with a wonderful accompanist/repetiteur.  And of course, I recorded it.  When listening back, I was pleased as punch at how good I sound – which of course is a lovely feeling to have!  But more than that – I was pleased that I ‘held my own’ with this strong tenor, a man who has sung many more main-stage roles than me. We’ll work well together, and I am not intimidated because even though he has greater experience than me, and I may learn from him, we are on the same level, and I need not feel that I am ‘less than’ – a feeling I have struggled with for a very long time.

I am NOT less than.  I am equal to any challenge, and greater than the obstacles in front of me.  Living proof – I am still singing; I have not quit.  With age and experience – and skill – comes beauty.  Beautiful tone, beautiful spirit, beautiful singing.  And I am very good at it.





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