Blog-a-Day Day Twenty (collections)

20. Collections

I don’t officially collect anything, but I do like a few things that, if I collected something, I would collect. The reason I don’t advertise that I collect something is that then people feel very free to buy you things that fit the collection, whether they fit you or not.  If I collected teddy bears, I would end up with a thousand teddy bears, shirts with teddy bears on them, jewelry, prints… you name it…  This is not to say that it isn’t a lovely thing for some people, but I am not one of them.  My house is cluttered enough without a thousand teddy bear themed things adding to the debris.  Now that that’s out of the way, here is my list of things I quite like – and don’t mind collecting on my own and for myself.

I like boxes – I have plenty of boxes, and don’t really want anymore, but I like them.  Pretty music boxes, and wooden storage boxes, and even hat boxes.  The trouble is, I probably wouldn’t use extras for storage, so they would become cluttery.

I also like bees.  Not actual bees, although they aren’t so bad so long as they stay outdoors, but representations of them.  I bought some note-cards once that had an Empire Bee – like the Napoleon symbol – he liked bees too.  I thought they were so pretty!  I think I might still have some and will attach a photo if possible.  Anyway, bees.

And birds.  Because of singing, I guess, but I just like birds. 🙂  Lots of people like birds.  They have become quite popular for decorating lately, which is a good thing, because it makes them easy to find, and a bad thing, because I have a slight aversion to doing what everyone else is doing.  It’s like when we first bought our house, and the colors I loved were very popular, so… hunter green carpet – YES!  Except that a few years later it was dated (and still is, since we have it upstairs) and I hate that one can look at the fixtures and carpeting, and know exactly how old that stuff is.  So, at least in decorating, I try not to follow the trends but to go with what is classic or that will last and not be so obviously dated.  Or with what I love.

A photo of my bee note-cards – and look at that – a thank you card with a lovely little birdie on it.

note cards

Also, an addendum: I realized that I lied.  I do collect something, and I will buy my own, or let others buy for me, and I will try any and all varieties.  LIP STUFF!  I lovelovelove lip-balm, -stain, -gloss, and even some -sticks in all their forms and colors.  My current favorites are the balm/stain pencils that are all over the place right now.  But I’ll try anything, cheap or spendy, and I have favorites at several different price points.  My favorite balm was a cheap $1 a stick at Claire’s….because it was on clearance.  😦  I have run out of them, unfortunately, and I haven’t found anything nearly as wonderful, at any price. Not yet anyway, but I keep looking!

So here is a photo of what’s in my purse, and a couple of my favorites from my makeup drawer.  This isn’t everything, but it is representative – any others that I have are same-brand-different-color.  If I find a formula I like, I always buy several different colors – you’ll see several ‘sames’ here.  And tucked at the top is my Lip Vitamins that I can’t find locally anymore.  I’m sure I can get it online, but I’m trying to let it go gracefully…

photo (7)


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