Blog-a-Day Day Twenty-two (home alone)


22.  What do you do when you’re home alone?

I think I answered this with the daily schedule on day ten since I’m at home alone most days, at least for a bit.  But let’s assume it means what I do when I have a night home alone – like a me-date!

If I am home alone for an evening in I spend the night watching Girl TV – HGTV or somesuch aimed-at-women stuff, or I watch a period movie that I would have to beg my family to watch.  I can completely enjoy the beautiful costumes and sets, and the romantic story lines, and the handsome men in frock coats, just like the ones in my books!

Speaking of my books, if I happen to have one that I can’t put down, I will spend the whole evening reading – but I don’t often do this, because I can read anytime, but watching a 2 hour chick-flick is not something I do often.

Also, as an addendum to the collections post, I realized yesterday that I lied.  I do collect something, and I will buy my own, or let others buy for me, and I will try any and all varieties.  LIP STUFF!  I lovelovelove lip-balm, -stain, -gloss, and even some -sticks in all their forms and colors.  My current favorites are the balm/stain pencils that are currently all over the place.  But I’ll try anything, cheap or spendy, and I have favorites at several different price points.  My favorite balm was a cheap $1 a stick at Claire’s….because it was on clearance.  I have run out of them, unfortunately, and I haven’t found anything nearly as wonderful, at any price. Not yet anyway, but I keep looking!


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