Blog-a-Day Day Twenty-five (location)

Pooh!  Doing my posts ahead of time is great, unless I get them mixed up.  Somehow posted today’s yesterday, and yesterday’s is right here.


25.  Describe your location.

Geographically speaking, we are in southwest Ohio.  We live ‘in the country’ meaning there are farm fields all around, but it’s a 5 minute drive into the nearest village for groceries, 15 minutes to the closest city, Springfield, and 30 minutes to Dayton.  I love our space precisely because of this – all the bucolic quaintness at home, and still not far from the delights of the big city! (big being a relative term!)  We are a day’s drive or less to a lot of  the big and big-big cities in the region – an hour to Columbus, Cincinnati; about 3 or 4 to Indianapolis, Cleveland, Lexington; 6 or so to St. Louis, Chicago, Nashville; and 10-12 to NYC, Baltimore, Washington DC.  There is so much to do all around us – and quite frankly, so much that I take it all for granted.  For hiking there are state parks and nature reserves galore, there are museums and arts organizations in all the cities and towns, and historical sites everywhere.

More specifically – I’m sitting on my bed with laptop in front of me – this is when I try to get my blog out – first thing in the morning before I forget!  Sometimes ‘first thing’ is later, depending on editing. In which case I stand in the kitchen or sit at my little desk in the music room.  Laptops are wonderful. 🙂

This is out my back window – yes, covered in snow today, but it will be lush and green in no time.

photo (5)


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