Blog-a-Day Day Twenty-eight (guilty pleasures)


28.  What are your guilty pleasures?

Well, this one’s hard to answer, because I don’t feel particularly guilty about them, and honestly, I don’t think I should.  Guilty Pleasures, to my way of thinking, are things one enjoys that someone else – society in general or peer groups in particular – would like us to feel guilty about – whether we actually feel guilty is another thing entirely.

I love to eat chocolate, but never really go overboard, so why should I feel guilty?

I have a few television shows that I know are silly but I watch them anyway  – like Say Yes to the Dress (NYC and Atlanta), and Melissa & Joey.  Sometimes I just don’t want to think – entertain me!

Some people love romance novels but hide them away in embarrassment – but I am not shy about them – they are pretty much all I read, and I don’t care who knows it.  Have you read one lately?  Let me lend you one!


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