Blog-a-Day Day Thirty-one (self-portrait)


31.  Self-Portrait, and what I liked most about the challenge….

What I liked most is that it got me to write.  I think some of my posts were fun and interesting, and some were…not!  But I did one every day, for which I am proud of myself.  I had originally only committed to ‘at least once a week!’   The end result is that I am more comfortable with the blog format.  I actually like this a great deal more than my ‘official’ website – so much easier to use and change, and more personal, too!  Although I understand the purpose of having a professional image, all business and focused, I like the personal style – it is so much more me.

I have tried several times to take a self-portrait – and I had my daughter and husband try for a portrait.  Seems I’m something of a Chandler Bing today.  So, no photo, but stay tuned.  Some time this week, I’ll post one, and it’ll be a good one. 🙂


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