Today I’m off to Columbus for headshots – publicity photos for singers and actors.  I am excited and nervous, and can’t wait to share my new photo with you.  I am not sure what to expect, except that everyone I know who has worked with this man has had a fabulous experience – Here’s hoping I do, too!

When I get home, I plan on editing/adding to this post to tell you all about it.

4-15-13  ETA

Fine, so it’s not later the same day, it’s a week later.  But it’s taken me this long to process everything, and it’s been a busy week with not a lot of time to write.

First of all, I did have a really good time.  D. is really good – with the camera, with make-up, and with helping people – at least, this person – relax.  He is funny, and I felt as though he was speaking in a stream-of-consciousness mode – quoting movies, saying a few outrageous things, and answering my questions – sometimes without my even having to ask.  If you’ve ever seen Jim Gaffigan and his “inner voice” stuff, you’ll know what I’m talking about.

So now I have to choose my photo – some of them are obvious no-nos, so that’s easy, but there are a LOT of very good photos… It will be hard to choose.  The more ‘glam-shot’ ones are better for some reason…Okay – for a very good reason.  My hair looks so much better.  If there is one thing I was dissatisfied with, it was that my hair (and I am extremely vain about my hair, believe it or not) was being completely uncooperative that day.  Here’s the talk-to-my-hair I had before I left the house:  Seriously?  That’s what you want to do today?  Good grief.  Well, I’m going to stick you back in clips, because I don’t have time to freak out over you.  To which my hair replied: Whatever, dude…  I’m pretty sure my hair thought it was 80’s day.  Not that I don’t love big hair, but it’s nice if it’s somewhat current.

I have looked at most of my proofs – starting at the point where my hair looks a little better.  My face looks fabulous – D. really knew exactly what to do to bring out my eyes, which are not only 2 of my best features, but are probably the most important feature for a headshot.  And the lips are great – I would probably have chosen a more dramatic red, and I would have been wrong.

Once I choose the shot, it’ll have to be touched up, and that make take a while – not sure of the timeline at this point.  But I hope to have a new headshot sometime in early May.  Yay – I am eager to show them off! 😉


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