Wake-Up song bonanza!

Good news!  It’s a three-fer day – three songs for the price of one! 🙂

This morning’s wake-up tune was Carry On.  I like this one – it has a tune and lyrics I can (mostly) understand.  And I like the bright timbre of the lead singer’s voice.   So here you go, the video of the tune that got me up this morning:

About 2/3 of the way through (~3:33, if you want to go back) there is a guitar solo that sounded like something from a power ballad from the 80’s, which is where the next song comes in.  After the guitar, all I could think was – this is the newest take on an old old theme – and when I was young youngER, the song was Never Surrender, by Corey Hart.  Now to be honest, I am not sure how the video goes with the song – I think the song is Never Surrender, but the vid seems to be saying Run Away! …anyhow, here it is.  Of course, since the guitar solo in Carry On is what made me think of this song, I find it amusing that there is no guitar solo here, but a rockin’ sax instead (~2:30):

Which brings me to the final song.  Corey Hart is all well and good, but Paul Young…so talented, and cute, and British…HUGE CRUSH!!!  These songs aren’t really related at all, but they are inextricably linked in my mind by the summer I got to watch MTV at the neighbor’s house while babysitting.  Yeah, back when you didn’t have to watch MTV so much as listen because it was actually MUSIC.   And so, from the #44 song of 1985, to the #11 song (see it’s not just my opinion that he’s better – I have a stat to back me up) here is Every Time You Go Away… sigh…

Now, aren’t you glad you took the time to see me today? 😉


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