Happy Friday!

Well, this morning was rather a disappointment.

The alarm went off and was immediately snoozed, and I wasn’t quite awake enough to register what song was on the radio.

So not awake, that I went directly back into sleep mode, and dreamed that I was woken up with some classical piece.  I don’t remember what it was, but I think it had a lot of brass, and was a bit loud…something Late Romantic, maybe?…. Anyhoo, I thought – that’s a GREAT Wake-up song!  I can’t wait to post it!  

And then I was well and truly woken up again…by Carry On (fun.)  Which, if you haven’t read any other posts from this week, was the wake-up song on Tuesday.  Tuesday, people.  I know pop stations like to rotate the top-40 heavily into their programming, but please.  I’m trying to do a blog here.

Ah, but wait!  I have a little trick up my sleeve. 😉  I have my phone set to an alarm just in case, and while I didn’t actually hear the music (because the radio was on, and it starts out very quietly) I know what it was, and it is a gorgeous piece.  So I’m sharing that!  When I’m not being jolted awake on week-day mornings, I do like a more gentle approach.  Okay, I’d like a more gentle approach every day, but 3/4 of my family are morning movers and shakers, so what am I going to do?  I am easily assimilated (and a prime Borg target).

Please enjoy this loveliness.

Tibi Christe, splendor Patris – Elzear Genet
as performed by the Suspicious Cheese Lords

I admit that this recording leaves something to be desired, but it is the only one.  I am sure that the live performance was beautiful for the audience, but somehow loses something in translation to video.  If you want to hear what I hear, look up the album Maestro di Capella by the Suspicious Cheese Lords.  I am sure they’re on iTunes, since that’s where I got the album, and they are probably on Amazon, and possibly on Spotify if you can’t afford – or don’t want to – purchase.  Their sound is beautiful, and I love this album.

Additionally, for those who want to know what in the world they’re saying (it’s Latin), here is a translation of the first verse…since I’m cynical realistic enough to know I’ll be lucky to get you to listen that long…

Thee, O Christ, the Father’s splendor,
Life and virtue of the heart,
In the presence of the angels
Sing we now with tuneful art,
Meetly in alternate chorus,
Bearing our responsive part.

With what better sentiment can I start my day?


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