And Monday’s song is…

Dream Myself Alive – Aha

I was rather disappointed to find there seems to be no ‘official video’ of this song so I just finally picked the last one I looked at.  And it’s not really that popular…no still-photo slide shows of the group, or of anything else, for that matter!  There were a couple live shows from the past 5 years, but you can see those for yourself if you really like.  😉

I sort of cheated again this morning – I must be really sleep deprived (or I’m gearing up for a huge week, which is also the case) because I’m sleeping through the clock-radio alarm again.  Which I always do when I’m not sleeping well.  But last night I set my phone alarm and with the option to choose my own wake-up tune, I chose this from the A-ha album Hunting High and Low (yes, I downloaded the entire album because I didn’t know how to transfer the cassette version I have).  I figured it would be apt – from dream-state to waking…dreaming myself alive… yeah…

Anyway, It’s not the greatest song, but it’s fun.  And it’s few lyrics are interesting, nebulous enough that you can wonder what was going on when it was written, or decide for yourself exactly what they mean.

For the record, A-ha was a completely underrated 80’s pop band.  They seemed to be a one-hit-wonder here in the States.  The only song everyone knows is Take On Me – and everyone knows it because of the terrific video!  But the whole album has good music – very consistent sound, decent lyrics, and singable tunes.   I am not sure I can choose just one song that’s my favorite.  I’ll go with the title track – and who wouldn’t want a handsome Norwegian looking for you because he can’t live without you?!  sigh – it feeds into every 15-year-old fairy tale fantasy there ever was.


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