tuesday’s tune.

As you can perhaps tell by the title, I’m not exactly thrilled about this song.  Here is a quick recollection of the conversation I had with myself as I awoke.

  • wha….ugh. seriously?  That’s the song?
  • Yes, that’s the song.
  • That’s stupid.
  • You don’t have to use it you know.  Who’s gonna know?
  • Well, I’ll know, and I have had to improvise more than once – the whole point was that it would be a somewhat random and eclectic collection…UGH…

Something like that, anyway. And all within the space of a second or two.  The best thing about talking to oneself is that a whole conversation, which, with another person might take up to a minute (or maybe even more and who really has time for that?) can be almost instantaneous.  One has that much more time for other conversations…with oneself…because that’s what loony people do…

So here’s the, uhh, the “song” for the morning and perhaps you’ll love it.  I don’t.  But to each their own.


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