A is for Attitude – April’s May Alphabet

This morning as I tried desperately to go back to sleep after noisy trucks had woken me, I had the brilliant inspiration for this month’s posts.  I had looked up ideas a couple days ago, and nothing really hit me as a great idea for me.  But one that interested me the most was this Month A-Z idea – just pick a topic or word that starts with the day’s letter, and run with it.   Instead of randomness (Animals and Engineering, etc.), I’ve chosen to share life lessons – I will try to make it lightheartedly serious, not preachy.  But I make no promises.  Also this is more a do-as-I-say-not-as-I-do sort of series.  I am sooooo not perfect – and fall short much more often than I care to admit.  Nevertheless, just because I don’t always do, it doesn’t mean I don’t know what ought to be done.

Since I am starting late, I will double up on one day, take Sundays off, and we’ll end up with Z on the 31st (thanks to the already-done math of the A-Z originators).  Unless I miss a day or two, in which case…Ugh, math….

A is for Attitude

Maintaining a positive attitude is sometimes often easier said than done, but it is so nice in the long run to be with positive people than negative ones.  Be a positive person.  I realize that it’s easier for some than others – some people just seem to be hardwired as optimists, and some as pessimists, although I think we are all capable as both.  I know I’m an optimist.  Some people don’t get it.  But I think they’d still rather be with me than with Debbie Downer. (That’s an example of me being optimistic.)

For clarity’s sake, I certainly don’t mean, “oh, my dog just died, but that’s okay, he was old and I’ll get a new one!” 😀   This is not okay, and one has every right to go through the grieving process.

I mean more of an everyday looking up. Expecting everything to get better (even if it doesn’t, and especially even if it gets worse before it gets better).  Greeting people with a smile.  Looking for the positive in every situation, or person, or day.  We all have rough days, and none of us are perfect – this is not a 100% guarantee that life is going to be all rainbows and unicorns.  But if we look for a rainbow here and there, how much better will our attitude be?  Especially when we discover what we’re looking for?!

p.s. – this is me, practicing what I preach.  Expect the best of others and they will often give you their best.  I had outpatient surgery today.  I had the best care staff, and a lovely experience, even though this is completely not how I’d planned to finish my week.  Rainbows.


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