D is for Derring-do – April’s May Alphabet

Okay, mostly I just love the phrase Derring-do.  It’s fun to say, and reminds me of Epic Sagas, and Swashbuckling Heroes, and Knights Errant.  And Errol Flynn.  sigh…

What was I saying?…..

Oh yes, Life Lesson No. 4 – Be Daring (which doesn’t sound nearly as swashbucklingly awesome as Derring-do)

Do something that scares you a bit.   Maybe not everyday, but every once in a while.  Step outside the box!  For some that means jumping out of a perfectly useful plane (I think that’s crazy, but to each their own).  For others, that means giving a speech in front of one’s peers.  For yet others,  taking a road-trip – All By ONESELF!!

Whatever it might be, do something that makes you just a bit nervous – that gives you butterflies – that makes your palms sweaty – or that scares the devil out of you! Choose your own level of Derring-Do and Do it! Afterward, you’ll be standing just a little bit taller, and saying to yourself –

Yeah, I just did that.  I totally rock.


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