K is for Kilts – April’s May Alphabet

K was going to be for Kindness, but hey, I read my stats, and it’s obvious that my lighter fare goes over much better.

Therefore, K is for Kilt.  Right up there with a Man in Uniform is a Man in a Kilt.  Full Kit is preferable, but a Kilt with a T-shirt makes a statement, too.  And I am quite alright with that. 🙂  When I see a kilted male, I see someone who is confident and self-assured, and who doesn’t much care what others think.  Here is a photo of my favorite braw laddie (until I can get my husband into one!).

My Boy Child Young Man at the Celtic Festival, July 2012

For the audience that would have loved to read about Kindness, here you go, in a nutshell:  A little bit of kindness goes a long, long way.  And mean people suck.  Seriously –  how hard is it to just be nice to people!?  Just. Be. Nice!


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