L is for Lost – April’s May Alphabet

My son got his driver’s license last year.  As he gained confidence (and as we did the same) he began driving more and more – he takes himself off not just to school, but to work and music lessons and gigs.   When he goes somewhere new, I or Mike make sure he sees a map, and gets the verbal and visual directions.  I will occasionally draw a quick map of the basics for him as a reminder.  And occasionally, he gets lost anyway.  Getting lost is inconvenient and sometimes it’s a little scary.  But, to my way of thinking, getting lost can be awfully good for you.  What better way to build the map in your brain than to find your way back on your own? (or with a little help from MomMom – thank goodness for cell phones!)   But he learns well and quickly, and is building his map.  I love that.

Be unafraid of getting lost.  You’re on a mini adventure, and learning something new.  And as long as you know where you’re supposed to end up, you’ll get there eventually. 🙂

For something that has nothing to do with mapping or driving, a bonus video – a whole other means of getting lost:


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