T is for Tenderness- April’s May Alphabet

Friday must not be my best day for blogging – I have had the worst times on Fridays coming up with acceptable material – I’m not even looking for exceptional!  Maybe T should be for Tough – because I’m having a tough time, and because I’m being tough on myself because of it.  Or for Tenacity, because instead of just saying “forget it,” I’m still thinking.  Oh, or T can be for Thinking…and thinking…and thinking… and Trying…

I need me some Tenderness – I know when Dearest Hubby gets home, he will be Tired, and we can sit on the couch, eat dinner and snuggle… which starts with S, but whatever.

While looking for tenderness – songs, quotes, helpful brain starters, I found this.  I’ve never seen the musical, and barely know the music, but this song (2 songs really) makes me want to see it.  Love the lyrics, simple and beautiful.


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