X is for Xerophyte – April’s May Alphabet

Do you know what a xerophyte is?   yeah, neither did I until I picked up a dictionary.  The great thing about the letter X is that the dictionary entries for it comprise less than a page.  I perused that page (took all of a minute) chose a word and Ta-DA! X is for xerophyte.  A xerophyte is a plant that manages with very little water – cacti and such.

So what’s a cactus have to do with anything?  A cactus grows – even flourishes – where it is planted.  Even though the environment doesn’t seem very inviting, it has the capacity to store up water to get it through dry spells.  When we go through life’s dry spells, it would behoove us to act like xerophytes – live on the stores we’ve set in during the good times: the joy, the memories, the profound moments… and live in expectation that this dry spell will end eventually.  The rain always comes to those who wait.


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