Summertime favorites, part one


I know this is really simplistic, but line-dried towels are my absolute favorite.  There is nothing that quite compares – the slightly rough texture feels so good! And the smell…I am not sure what it is…sunshine and outdoors combine for a perfectly unique scent that no candle or room freshener can possibly capture.  I love drying the towels out, and it makes me sad when it becomes too cold in the fall to do so.  I hoard those towels, too! – hiding them in the bottoms of drawers so that I can pull them out slowly over the course of the winter.  It always amazes me that the smell “keeps” even after a couple months in a drawer.  Today is a perfect day for the clothesline – and so I have made use of it for all the towels I could find.  Tomorrow, bedding!  Because if there is anything better than line-dried towels, it might be a bed freshly made with linens still warm from outdoors.


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