Summertime favorites, part three

This week we in the U.S. celebrate Independence Day.  What I love about this day (besides the obvious) is our small-town celebration of it.  Our village has fireworks on “Independence Eve” – nothing spectacular, like the big cities, but quite lovely, and every year always seems better than the last.  We gather in my parents’ back yard (garden) where we have an unobstructed view of the works, which are set off about a mile away, across a few farm fields.  And while we wait for them, we have hamburgers and hot dogs.  And watch what my mom calls God’s Fireworks – fireflies!

I had taken quite a few photos with my phone last night to share, but I lost them all.  This made me very sad, and not a little frustrated.  If I figure out a way to recover them, or borrow from others who may have taken photos, I will edit this post and share.

And then on the 4th, we have our small town parade, which is very similar to our Memorial Day parade, but more festive.  The same groups and emergency vehicles and floats show up, and they march/drive the same route.  Today it was very wet!  But we enjoyed it anyway, and I took a couple pictures of the kids in the marching band.  The woodwinds did their best to cover up their instruments (it started raining after the parade started) while the brass and battery carried the show this time.  Again, no photos, but this time because of the steady downpour, the photos aren’t so great.  Ok – one photo – it’s hard to tell that it’s raining, but at least the pavement looks wet.

independence day parade 1


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