The Blogger Bug

I took the summer off – I didn’t intend to take more than a few weeks, but it just so happened that I didn’t have much to blog about this summer.  Or, sometimes I did, but didn’t take the time to write – I had broken the habit.  But as fall rapidly approaches, I find myself on the wordpress reader, looking for something to read and finding that, somehow, it’s not quite what I want.  I guess if I want to read something, I need to write it myself?… That’s not quite what I mean, but it’s gotten me thinking about blogging again.  Since I mostly write for my own amusement anyway, I don’t have to follow any formula, and I needn’t worry that I’m not getting any traffic! (although, as any blogger will tell you, traffic is extremely gratifying!!)

So I’m trying to think of any themes I can follow, or ideas to blog on.  It was easiest when I had a theme, or when I had a plan to follow, but the blog-a-day prompts seem so…hard! For lack of anything better, I may use them, but we’ll see!  Keep your eye out for more frequent posts – Back to School = Back to Work!  Thanks for reading, and please feel free to offer suggestions!  🙂



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