Music of the soul

Alzheimer’s is not an easy disease. It is slow and steady, a relentless thief of one’s self – one’s thoughts and memories and identity – stealing and stealing and stealing until there is almost nothing left.  And yet…

And yet, last week I found myself profoundly blessed by my Aunt Muriel, who is thus afflicted.  Auntie Muriel (who is really my husband’s aunt, although I claim her through marriage) isn’t doing well.  She is bound to her wheelchair or bed, needs almost constant care, and can’t maintain a coherent conversation.  She does have lucid moments, and still knows close family members.  She can occasionally retrieve a memory of some long-ago event. And she remembers music

Oh, she remembers!  

It is humbling. It is a great blessing — SHE is a great blessing.  For she, though she remembers so little else, remembers the songs of her childhood and youth – the songs of the Church.  She remembers verses I’ve never even learned, and I am amazed by her wealth of knowledge.  She kindly allowed me to sing along with her – and I know she was doing me a favor.  Because she was showing me, by her persistent good nature, and her sweet voice, and her memory, the grace and love of God.  Even now, she sings and proclaims the love of Christ.  As bizarre as it may sound – I hope that I am lucky enough to remember as she does, the songs of my faith.  If my memory fades, and if I remember nothing else, I want to remember the music, so that I may still lift my voice and sing.


4 thoughts on “Music of the soul

  1. Very beautifully put April. This time in Nana’s life is a dark cloud for those around her, and instead of seeing the inevitable looming negatives, you’ve highlighted the wonderful rays of sunshine that still peak through her illness. Heather and I thank you very much for this.

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