September 9

I have been searching for a way to keep up with my blog that is interesting to me, as well, perhaps, as my readership. 😉 (Selfish woman that I am, I find it easier to post if I find my posts interesting.) I have a number of half-finished drafts that may or may not make it up this year. This time, I have taken inspiration from a magazine article I read in the doctor’s office last week. I can’t remember the point of the whole thing, but what I gathered from it was to take photos of everyday things, not the “special moments,” because when looking back, we find that the everyday things were the special moments. She said that she wished she had more photos of her dorm room, and fewer of the Eiffel Tower. I sympathized with the sentiment. She also mentioned a friend that was part of which is an online community whose members post (or try to post) a photo a day, every day for a year. So, I mashed up the two ideas – I will try, for the rest of this year anyway, to take a photo a day of the everyday moments, and post them. I know ahead of time that I will miss days, and I have already forgiven myself! Handy, what? The only trouble I foresee is that my “everyday” moments…well, they may be boring. So, I will interject with my other random posts, in order that I don’t completely bore you to tears with my ordinariness! I will confuse you with my quirkiness as well! 🙂


When one is practicing bagpipes, it is preferable that one be wearing plaid.

The above photo is of my son, practicing on his pipes. He’s been taking lessons for about 6 months now, and when he moved from the chanter only to the pipes, he was also asked to move outside to practice!  He’s getting much better (and yes, we can tell!).  The hardest part is simply (simply – hah!) keeping the bag full and the pressure even, so that the sound is consistent.  It’s much harder than it looks.


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