September 18

I’m a couple days behind on my picture a day.  It’s my blog, and I do what I want – which is to post whenever I darned well get to it. 😉

Today’s is my current favorite perfume.  It’s The Body Shop’s Madagascan Vanilla Flower (in oil form).  Because I am wearing it today for the first time in a while.  Last week I was plagued by headache, and that doesn’t mix well with perfume of any kind, no matter how much I love it.  And so today, I remember how very much I love this one!  I bought it on a whim a few months ago, while my daughter and I were on a shopping trip.  I liked it fine, and for the price, I was willing to just go with it.  And it has grown on me so much since then! To me it smells warm and comforting – like wearing a cozy sweater.  Even though I’ve worn it all summer – and sweaters aren’t a summer thing! And I’ll probably continue to wear it all winter, too.  I also find it to be very feminine – not the sexy va-va-voom-y kind, but quiet and simple.  I find it fascinating that it’s my favorite, because there was a time that I really disliked vanilla of any sort, and wouldn’t even think of putting it on my body!  Just goes to show how taste and body chemistry can change over time. (…because vanilla, once upon a time, pretty much used to smell like B.O. on me…)

I love perfume – and scents of all sorts – but I do try to be sensible about it (no pun intended!), since not everyone likes, or can tolerate, perfume.  Ann Landers or Dear Abby had what I think is very good advice for how to wear it – keep it subtle enough that no one will notice unless they are hugging you. If they smell you walking by, it’s too much.



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