September 25

I swear I’m not forgetting about this picture a day thing – it’s just that I’m not really a good photographer…and my days can be pretty uneventful. I do see a lot of beautiful things during my day, from sunrises (I have taken photos, but it’s weird because my neighbor’s house is directly east) to amazing cloud formation, to laughing kids. But I don’t always have my phone out, nor do the photos really capture the beauty that I’m seeing with my own two eyes. Some things happen so fast that there’s no time, and some things I don’t appreciate until it’s too late. I did take this photo, just for you, though. Whenever I drive early in the morning into town, I am treated to this amazing sight – and no, the photo does it no justice. There is a pond to the right of the hill’s base, and a stream to the left. On cool mornings like we’ve had all week, the mist rises, and just hangs right there – it’s quite mesmerizing. I stopped at the top of the hill for this shot, just so you’re not worried that I’m trying to juggle phone and steering wheel at the same time. 🙂
(incidentally, for those who read summertime faves 6, beyond the mist at the bottom of the hill is the edge of town. look here if you haven’t read it –  )



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