No-Makeup Mondays

I make no secret of the fact that I love makeup – I think Sephora is a little slice of heaven, and can easily spend an hour just looking at makeup in the local drugstore.  I especially love finding new lip glosses and balms, and I am in alt over a new eyeliner or mascara purchase, too.  I am a complete sucker for packaging, and I know it.  (Yes, I am a marketer’s dream!)

As much as I like makeup, I try to use an easy hand – so that I still look like me when I finish my face.  And, generally speaking, I do.  I’m sure of it.  Just…it’s a better-looking me.

This Monday past, I decided to give my face a little break from the makeup – moisturizer only – lip balm, no color.  Fresh-faced me.  This was absolutely no problem…until it was time to leave the house.  Leave the house without my face?! ack.  A daunting prospect, to say the least.

But you know what happened?  Absolutely nothing.  I don’t think anyone I came into contact with even noticed – certainly no one said anything – and the world didn’t stop spinning, and (thank God!) no one asked me if I was feeling ill, or reacted with revulsion at seeing my “imperfections”…huh…

It’s funny how naked I felt at first without my ‘face’ – and how little anyone else noticed.  My own husband had to look at me for a long moment for it to occur to him that I wore no mascara and liner, no foundation to cover the (admittedly minor) wrinkles and age-spots.

This leads me into my experiment with No-Makeup Mondays – I think I’m going to give my face a day off every week.  And maybe I will even work up the nerve to do it more often than that!  I still love makeup – that’s not going to change, and I’m still going to enjoy putting on my “face” and the search for the perfect shade of lipstick. But I do need to remember that I don’t need makeup to be presentable, or even beautiful.  Beauty is more than skin deep, more than perfectly lined eyes, rosy cheeks and lips.  It’s warmth and compassion, humor and confidence.

(And if that inner beauty is enhanced with a little smudge of color…well, that makes me happy indeed.)  🙂

Beauty, to me, is about being comfortable in your own skin.  That, or a kick-ass red lipstick.  ~Gwyneth Paltrow


2 thoughts on “No-Makeup Mondays

  1. I think this post is spot-on. Although I just started wearing make up, I think a lot of women deal with the issue of make up and how they have to wear makeup to feel beautiful.

  2. Great post! Brave step and it’s one we should all take! I try to wear less makeup as time goes on, but I do feel “exposed” going out in public with wearing nothing. We should all be comfortable in our own skin, though, so I think I’m going to trying putting on my brave face, too! Thanks for the motivation!

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