I think this is one of those things that inches me closer to being an old lady.  If I find something I like – a tee shirt or trousers…lip balm…that sort of thing… I want to buy more than one of them if possible.  Because what’s better than having one great tee, but having 3 of them!  And I know perfectly well that once my one wears out, I will not be able to find another just like it.  So I may as well just go ahead now and get the extras.  Manufacturers are constantly ‘new and improving’ their products so as to make them not nearly as perfect as the original.  They are definitely new…improved is up for debate.

Items I have multiples of:

  • Lip balm (in case you’ve missed it, I’m obsessed with balm in general, and a couple brands in particular)
  • T-shirts
  • Undergarments (perhaps TMI, but it’s vitally important that these are well-made and comfortable!!)
  • Dockers chino trousers
  • Wool v-neck sweaters (I bought 3 of them at once, in a moment of splurge-y abandon)
  • Jersey-knit summer dress by Max Studio – Kelly green & Hot pink. And I would have bought a black one, had there been the option.
  • Coffee mugs (it’s all about the handle)
  • Candles (I find a scent I love, and buy as many as I can find and afford before they change it!)

Items I wish I had multiples of:

  • Certain pairs of shoes (my brown wing-tips, particularly – I wish I had a black pair, but alas…)
  • My blue paisley maxi-dress – I love that dress! – and I will be so sad when maxis are finally out of style.
  • Certain denims – I usually realize too late that jeans are going to be “keepers” and by then, the companies have changed the cut or fabric. 😦



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