A couple days ago, a friend of mine posted on facebook that she loves commas, so much so that she tends to overuse them.  To which she received comments from her geeky friends (including me) regarding which punctuation marks were their favorites.

One friend owned up to adoring exclamation points!!!

Another, ellipses…  (and another, parentheses).

I, of course, love my dashes (hyphens) – and I use them constantly – even when writing – pen-and-paper writing! I think it’s due to the fact that my brain starts and stops in thought and conversation – much like this – and I want to mirror that in my writing – to get my voice and inflection across.  Sometimes there are longer pauses…as I am fishing for just the right word… I like to be precise and to make sure that my point is well understood.  I also love exclamation points!  They convey my zest for life, and the joy I find in so many things!!!!  And really – can one actually have too many commas? – I submit that, when placed correctly, one cannot! There should neither be too few,  nor too many, but precisely the right number.  (I’m all for the oxford comma, btw, and use it faithfully).

I just looked up my dash to get the formal name (my brain just wouldn’t come up with the word hyphen) and found usage rules for both the en dash and the em dash – apparently there shouldn’t be any spaces between the words–like this.  I don’t like it.  I want there to be a definite break so as to more accurately illustrate the break in thought or idea.  But I suppose one really ought to know the rules of punctuation so that one may break them more effectively! 😉



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