My brain is too full, and I am in turmoil, so I can’t seem to find one thing to write on.  Here is a list of things I’m trying to process:

  • I sang this morning and this afternoon. It filled me with joy – I wish I could bottle that joy for the days when I’m just doing my job.
  • Broken-hearted for the family of a young man who died suddenly yesterday.  He’s only a year older than my boy, and I can’t even imagine what they are going through.
  • Finding myself annoyed by certain behaviours of others, and then, in the light of my above bullet point, find myself annoyed with myself for being upset over triviality when others are dealing with real heartache.
  • My kids and my husband overflow my heart with myriad emotions from quiet contentment to joyous pride. They are kind and generous and thoughtful, and I cannot fathom a life without them about…
  • I am intent upon putting myself forth as a singer – I am terrible at it, and it terrifies me (not the singing, but the putting forth).  Therefore it must be done.  “If you can’t, you must.  If you must, you will.”  (Thanks, Martial Arts training)
  • I don’t believe I have ever spent so much time actively honoring veterans on Veterans’ Day weekend.  It is good but it makes me emotional.  A concert, watching a live stream of a military ceremony, and a movie devoted to the “Greatest Generation.”  Their stories really are amazing.



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