Today’s rememberings (or, things I’ve learned and need to always remember)

In no particular order:

1.  Singing for kids is a great deal of fun – they are an honest and appreciative audience, and they ask good (and sometimes hard) questions.  Also, kids get a kick out of opera, if given a chance to hear it up close & personal.

2.  Three hours of singing is my current limit.  It was spread through the day, but I was quite aware when the voice (and, to a certain extent, the brain) said, “I’m done for the day.”

3.  I really, truly, love singing.  LOVE.  And I’m good at what I love.

4.  I really enjoy teaching. I’m not at the couldn’t-live-without-it stage, but I could be someday.  My students are constantly teaching me and surprising me.  This week has been tickle-me-pink joy-filled.

5.  Some people are every bit as shy as I am, and are very glad to have someone say hello and talk to them!  Gruff appearances often mask tender hearts.

6.  Cozy pajamas are the very best after a long day from home.  As is a snuggly puppy.



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