Random fact #304 about me

The struggle to maintain the blog is great this week – I don’t have so much time to write as I’d like, and not too much in mind – even with a whole list of “just ideas” in my drafts folder – to blog about.  But I promised myself I was going to do this – no skipping days!!!!  So…

Random fact about me – I love handbags.  Leather goods in general, but handbags.  I love a good leather bag, with pockets and zippers and a plenty of room for my stuff.  But I’m also a little bit frugal, and a whole lot picky, so I generally just peruse the beauties I admire, and leave the purchasing to others.

Things I’m picky about:

  • I like leather, but I need lightweight – finding both is hard.
  • I like cloth too, but not as much, and finding a print I like enough to buy is…well, not impossible, but difficult.
  •  I like pockets on the outside – no pockets, no purchase.
  • I am not a big fan of advertising for companies, so even though I like their bags, I probably won’t ever buy Coach, Michael Kors, or any bag that has identifiable logos all over.
  • My favorite bags have short handles – just long enough to slip onto my shoulder.  Cross body bags are a sometime necessity, but not my first choice.
  • I am currently carrying my favorite bag ever, and I’m still looking for its replacement – the company doesn’t seem to make the style anymore.  I would gladly buy the same one again if I could…so long as I got a good deal on it – Frugal Franny, remember?…

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