Christmas cards

It’s not Thanksgiving yet, but it’s time for the Christmas cards to come out.  I adore Christmas cards!  Sending them is one of my favorite things about December – people love to receive “real” mail, and I love to make people happy.  It’s really a win-win. 🙂

It’s funny, though.  Generally speaking I’m not a very good correspondent.  I will often even forget birthday cards for family until the very last moment.  Email is wonderfully efficient (if I remember to send or reply) and there is always a phone call or texting – cheap and immediate.  But when it comes to cards I am so eager to address them that I can’t even wait until the end of November.  I hand-address and sign each one – no mail-merged labels or pre-printed, pre-signed sentiment inside (although I do use printed return address labels).  It’s not that I have an objection to them – I enjoy any  Christmas greeting I receive, regardless of all that.  But I like to do some things the old-fashioned way.  I enjoy the process, the repetitive nature of pulling out each card and envelope and personalizing them, of exercising my penmanship, and of thinking of each person or family who will receive one.  I find it to be quite soothing!

Too – it appeals to my love of stationery!  I’m not sure I’ve mentioned how crazy I am for paper goods.  But I am.  You’d think I sent letters and notes every day the way I hoard these things.  I can’t stand to use plain 20 lb copy paper (or what I still call typing paper) for anything!  GAH!!!  I spend the extra dollar or two for 28 lb – it just feels so much more substantial, and others really notice!  I’m pretty choosy about Christmas cards – I want them to be beautiful, with heavy cardstock, and traditional.  Cards that actually say Merry Christmas.  Not Happy Holidays, or Season’s Greetings.  Christmas cards.  You may have no idea how hard it is to find what I like the last few years, and this year I finally gave up.  The cards I’m sending are contemporary, and they don’t say Merry Christmas…but they don’t say Happy Holidays or Season’s Greetings, either.  It’s okay.  They are pretty in their own way.  And I will just write in the greeting I want, anyway. 🙂  Maybe it’s good for me to branch out every decade or so.

And pens.  Lovelovelove writing utensils.  Pens don’t have to be expensive (and often aren’t, since I’m frugal!) but well-balanced and with a grip that doesn’t tire my hand after a dozen cards.  I used to choose pens based on ink colors, too, but mostly I use plain black now.  Sometimes blue.  As long as the color is good and inky – I don’t like wimpy inks.  My favorite pens at the moment are the ultra-fine sharpie pens.

So I will be addressing and sorting and enjoying my Christmas cards for the rest of the month, so that I can send them out as soon as December is upon us!


One thought on “Christmas cards

  1. I always fill out my envelopes in October! Sometimes November.. I let it linger into Thanksgiving and then I start writing personal notes to all my friends. I give “THANKS” to every friend and family I have. My own little tradition and I like it. Nice to know there are others out there :0)

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